Content Guidelines

These guidelines can also be viewed in presentation format here.

1. Visual Guidelines

  • Each story should include five to ten panels (individual visual assets)
  • 80% of these panels must be video content
  • Ensure that each panel provides appropriate context throughout the story
  • Videos must be at least 5 seconds
  • Use creativity with your videos – include dynamic, interactive shots and different angles in your content, not just panning
  • Include interior and exterior shots while mixing in both wide shots to give a sense of the place and then close ups

2. Text & Keyword Guidelines

  • No more than 280 characters on each panel
  • The story’s title is 8-12 words, and must include the location
  • Ideally, individual files are renamed with appropriate keywords
  • Each swipe-up section includes unique descriptions
  • Both the “Visit Website” and “Learn More” links are utilized

3. Audio Guidelines

  • Any speaking included in videos is clearly audible
  • Do not include copyrighted music
  • Audio is not necessary to understand the narrative of the story

4. Do’s

  • Ensure the story you’re telling is useful to travelers, what makes it cool and worth visiting
  • Make sure each panel contributes to the story’s narrative
  • Include unique POVs of the experience or activity in your story, as well as dynamic/interactive shots
  • Pace your shots so we can enjoy the view, without it moving too slowly. See examples in speaker notes.
  • Only add text over your visuals using the app
  • Follow proper safety precautions and wear a helmet for activities
  • Ensure you follow the appropriate regulations if including drone footage
  • Ensure the story showcases the location in a positive manner
  • Double check the text in your story for typos

5. Don’ts

  • Don’t clutter the page with too many text boxes
  • Don’t use shaky or unfocused footage, zoom in or out, pan in multiple directions or have a dirty camera lens
  • Creator can be in the story while not being the focal point
  • Never include dangerous or possibly illegal activities (trespassing, cliff jumping, etc.)
  • Don’t submit footage you’ve already shared in previous Localhood Stories