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The Unexplored Coast

Romance finds a home in this idyllic coastal land, where ocean fog rolls in to blanket hushed redwood forests. Along more than 100 miles of coast, artists set up easels to paint scenes of pounding surf, picturesque headlands, and whitewashed cottages in towns like Mendocino or Eureka. Create Localhood Stories about California’s rugged North Coast!


  • Create a Localhood Story about an experience along California’s North Coast.
  • It must be north of Mendocino, click here for a map.
  • Each story should include a minimum of 4 panels of video.
  • Include information in the Swipe Up section, such as local tips or a link to learn more.

This challenge ends on May 29th.


  1. For every story that meets the requirements above, you will receive $100 towards your Localhood account balance.
  2. Visit California may select your Stories to share on their channels. Creators of these stories will receive an additional $100.

Please note that an individual creator can earn a maximum of $1,000 from this challenge alone.

You Think You Know California?

California is home to too many hidden gems and undiscovered wonders to count, but that hasn’t stopped Visit California from trying! In the recently released California Visitor’s Guide, you can find 335 recommendations of places to stay, discover, eat, or explore. Organized by region & city, search through it to see if any spark inspiration or if you’ve already been lucky enough to visit! 


  • Review the California Visitor’s Guide. If you’d like a physical copy, you can order one here.
  • Create Localhood Stories about any of the 335 recommendations found throughout the Guide. If you would like to search for your city, flip to page 190 to see where it falls into the guide.
  • Each story should include minimum 4 panels and be majority video.
  • Each creator can submit up to 10 Localhood Stories for this challenge.
  • Include a link to the guide in the swipe-up section.

This challenge ends on June 30th, but rewards are increased during the month of March!


We know that this challenge requires a bit of extra thinking, so we’re increasing the rewards you can earn this month!

  1. For every story you create for this challenge between now and March 31st, we’ll add $100 towards your Localhood account balance.
  2. Between April 1st – June 30th, stories created for this challenge will receive $50.
  3. Visit California will select 2-3 stories to share on their channels. Creators of these stories will receive an additional $100.

Show Off Your Localhood

Create Localhood Stories to show off five favorite spots around your neighborhood or city – the kind of places you would recommend to a friend who’s visiting for a few days.


Create up to five stories about the following categories:

  1. Your favorite coffee shop and/or breakfast spot.
  2. A must-eat food spot (can be lunch or dinner).
  3. A fun activity in your area.
  4. Something outside in nature!
  5. This one is up to you!

Each Localhood Story you create for this challenge must:

  1. Include at least four panels.
  2. Have appropriate swipe-up details.
  3. Be majority video content.


For every Localhood Story that meets the requirements for this Challenge, you’ll receive $50 once it is approved by Visit California. Each creator can submit five stories for this challenge.

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