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Show Off Your Localhood

We recommend starting off with this Challenge, it’s a great way to use footage you might already have. Create Localhood Stories to show off five favorite spots around your neighborhood or city – the kind of places you would recommend to a friend who’s visiting for a few days!


  • Localhood Stories submitted for this challenge must tell a story about a local business, experience, or attraction in California. This can be a local coffee shop, unique food experiences, a nearby hike, or get creative!
  • All Stories must meet the base guidelines.
  • Each creator can submit a maximum of five Stories for this challenge. 
  • Visit California reserves the right to not compensate Stories that do not fall under this theme or do not meet the requirements.

What's New in California?

You’re the expert in your pocket of California, so we want to hear from you. For this challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to share your own ideas about a new attraction or experience in your area that you would like to share. This challenge will always be open for suggestions!


  • Localhood Stories submitted for this challenge must be about a new experience in your area. This could be a unique new business that has opened, a new attraction at a theme park, or seasonal experience. 
  • To participate in this challenge, fill out this Google Form first with your idea. If your idea is accepted by Visit California, you’ll be contacted within a week to get started! 
  • Some things that Visit California is not looking for include events that have already happened, businesses open for longer than six months, single-day events, or if the event is about to end shortly. Additionally, businesses, including restaurants, must showcase a unique, unconventional experience in order to be considered.
  • Each Creator can submit as many ideas as you’d like! 
  • All Stories must meet the base guidelines.

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