The way we travel has changed.

The new traveler has replaced the traditional, seeking authentic local experiences over common tourist traps.

But authenticity is difficult to find amongst the constant noise of content. It’s hard to know the best spots to visit in a destination, unless you are tapped in to the local community…

Localhood is where content creators can get paid to share the experiences that make their local regions unique.

Localhood was originally conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic to support local businesses in our communities. To help locals discover products and services available to them in their own neighbourhoods and to help keep businesses afloat long after lockdowns were lifted.

It has since grown into a community of passionate creators, partnering with destinations to share their unique local stories.

Localhood is powered by CrowdRiff, a travel-tech company based in Toronto, Canada working with over 800 travel-brands around the world to help them tell their story through authentic locally generated content. Using Localhood, CrowdRiff connects travel brands looking for authentic stories with content creators who have stories to tell.

Creators share these in the form of Localhood Stories:

Introducing Localhood Stories

Where do you start when planning a trip? For the vast majority of us, the answer is Google. We’re searching for places to visit, activities to do, things to eat and drink.

But the pages and pages of blue links can be difficult to parse through. We’re used to seeing visually stunning content in quick and easy-to-digest formats across social media. Now, we can on the web too.

  • Discoverable

    Localhood Stories cut through the noise and are found in a simple Google Search or by scrolling through Google Discover.

  • Evergreen

    Each story shared on Localhood doesn’t disappear after 24 hours; they can always be discovered online.

  • Actionable

    Our swipe-up feature lets Localhood Creators pack in more info, tips, and links into each story.

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