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What is Localhood?

As a creator, you have the unique ability to see and capture the world.  Your content showcases the diversity of people, places, and experiences all around you.

Localhood pairs content creators with travel destinations, so you’ll be able to earn cash rewards for content about the most epic experiences and hidden gems that people should know about. Use those rewards to support the local businesses that make your area unique.

Why Join?

Localhood Creators showcase the best spots around town, helping to drive traffic to the local businesses, attractions, and experiences you know and love. As a Localhood Creator, you will:

  • Grow Your Audience

    Your content may be picked up on Google or featured by travel destinations, and is always attributed back to you!

  • Get Paid For Your Stories

    Respond to challenges issued by travel destinations & receive cash rewards for your unique content.

  • Access Exclusive Experiences

    Gain access to exclusive experiences and events available only to Localhood Creators.

I’ve had a lot of fun making Localhood Stories and have enjoyed the challenges! I like having a direction while also using my creativity to make engaging content.

Sarah S (@sarah.schlos)

Localhood gives small creators like myself a way to make extra income, and allows us to practice camera skills and storytelling at the same time!

Tuan L (@kicksandtravels)

Stories are such a great way to connect – they are such a visceral experience. Everyone wants to see what an experience is like before they go.

Sasha J (@sashajuliard)

Become a Creator

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Introducing Localhood Stories

Visual stories are the most compelling way to share experiences with the world, and Google has now brought them to the open web.

Take advantage of interactive video, imagery, and sound to tell your unique Stories, and inspire travelers & locals alike to visit the best of California and its hidden gems. Localhood Stories look and feel like a story shared on social, but with the added benefits of being:

  • Discoverable

    Each Story shared on Localhood can be found with a simple Google search, making them accessible to a much wider audience

  • Evergreen

    Localhood Stories don’t disappear after 24 hours; they can always be discovered, for as long as you’d like

  • Actionable

    Our swipe up feature lets Localhood Creators seamlessly pack in more info, tips, and links into each story

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